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About Lynsl!!!

Welcome on my LJ!
I'm Lynsl, from Philippines.
Just so you know, English is not my Mother Tongue.
I'm a 17 year old college student taking Bachelor in Science and Information Technology...
Also an Anime Lover, Manga Reader, and also a bit of a Gamer (due to my BigBro's influence)
I'm not the type of teenager who have so many friends, but I'm not a loner...
I love Fashions, doing my Make-Up and Hair Styles...many people kinda Judge me cause of my kinda unique way of dressing myself also cause of my name...(LYNSL is kinda unique name here).

::::::As a FanGirl::::::
I started being a HEY SAY JUMP fan since last year, I'm a it new to it.
My Ichiban is Yama-chan, He's the reason I found out about HSJUMP. When he starred as Nagisa on Ansatsu Kyoushitsu!!!
My Niiban is YabucChi-sensei, and I ship YabuHika >///<
I also become a fan of ARASHI my Ichiban is Oh-chan. I know Arashi for a very long time maybe since I was 8 (cause of Gokusen)?but I'm not into this things back then, but here I am going Crazy on them!!!
recently I'm getting interested on NEWS but still not sure whose my Ichiban on them.
I also love Ikuta Toma, & Nakayama Yuma.

I also like some J-Actors/Actresses like Kamiki Ryuunosuke, Hongo Kanata, Kiritani Mirei, Seto Koji, Horikita Maki, Miura Haruma, Mukai Osamu, Chiba Yudai, Mizushima Hiro, Oguri Shun, Yamazaki Kento, Suda Masaki, Sato Takeru, Fujiwara Tatsuya... and more <3
Me & myHubby >///<Collapse )


9th Birthday

Hi guyzz for those who added me I'm really sorry I don't really have time to check my LJ for almost 2 weeks so sorry for being late, but I'll check it tomorrow and add back and reply to you're PM ^^

And this is a Late but I really wanted to post and express it here on LJ too <3
Happy 9th Anniversay Hey Say JUMP...
I can't wait to celebrate their 10th, 11th, 12th,15th,20th, and so on Anniversary I really love you all my Ichiban JE group and I'm so happy that they are strong even though they started their careers at such a young age, they slowly learn and become who they are now and will improve more in the future. HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY JUMP <3

ARASHI 17th Year....

Happy 17th Birthday ARASHI
I wish to celebrate your 20th 25th 30th and so on Anniversaries <3
I'm happy that you're still with us. You continue giving us Smiles..
Stay Strong always :* <3...
*ARASHI with their Kouhais JUMP-chan*

Inoo-chan's Kanojo XD

I subbed this just for fun xD...
It's just a 45 seconds video ^^

Kanojo!?Collapse )


Kyahahaha It's Daiko-chan not Daiki-kun....xD
Yama-chan as usual you're embarass to tell the truth on your beloved Wife xD

Inoo-chan ~~~~.... you Hentai!!! >///<

Mr. Flawless

Mr.Flawless is out and I really want the Making....
hope someone will share it T^T!!!

Yabu-chan,Yuyan,Yutti....<3 <3~~~

Currently searching for this kind of Watch xD

I want Kamiki as Envy at FMA Live Action T^T... well it's not like I don't like Hongo Kanata I also Love Him since NANA
but still I want Kamiki and Yama-chan again right...their chemistry that started at Tantei Gakuen Q is <3

haha Kawaii Tome-chan...
being confused like that...xD

BDS <3 Yabu

BDS <3 <3 <3 <3....!!!

Inoo-chan, Yuya-kun, Yutti, Kou-chan....<3

Kou-chan is so Beautiful here >_<.....
Yutti Kakoii.....

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